My first Canada Day Weekend in Toronto

July 1, 2012

What do people do on Canada Day? Popular consensus said they go to cottages, eat tons, check out the Pride Parade... essentially, do anything, just don't stay home. It seemed like the whole of Toronto was on the road in front of our new condo! We ended up having to cart our luggage through the subway station and into the condo, since there was no way of getting in from the street entrance. Wince.

Picture from Niagara Falls site
By the time we finally finished the four (!) trips it took to move all our stuff in, it was time to head over to the Niagara Falls for some family time. Though I don't have very many relatives in Canada (by Indian standards anyway!), an uncle-type relative was visiting, and that meant a get-together of sorts at the Niagara Falls.

When we got to the Falls, we realized we'd been mistaken - not everyone in TO was watching the Pride Parade, the rest were all at the Falls! The five minutes of fireworks provided a nice touch against the mist of the Niagara, but it took us five. hours. to drive back to Milton (the journey to the Falls took only an hour, for some context). Talk about the theory of relativity in action! 

We were exhausted by the time we got back, and unanimously voted to just book a hotel room and hit the casinos if we do this again. That said, I definitely needed the family time this week. It's been a painfully long one, with my grandfather being hospitalized and the physical exhaustion of shifting houses and picking out furniture. Some good home-cooked Indian food and catching up on family picture albums were just what I needed to catch my breath a little.

Picture from Expedia
And when we got back to town, my husband surprised me with reservations at a four-star hotel, because, like he says, we definitely deserve it :) So we're now at  a super comfy suite at One King West, which is arguably the most character-filled hotel you can find downtown (let me know if there are others!) I'm enjoying life in the lap of luxury and feeling blissfully spoiled. 

All in all, a long weekend with the motto 'all's well that ends well.'

What did you do for Canada Day?

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