Of this, that, and the nothing

August 11, 2012
Scary immortal flowers

These are undoubtedly mutant flowers. It's been three weeks since I put them in a no-sunlight no-water air-conditioned environment, and they're still surviving. If only plants that were still attached to their roots behaved like that, I'd totally grow my own herbs.

I'm torn between awe at the flowers' resilience and worry about any produce I buy being similarly mutated. Either way, it's a good thing to bear in mind as I go into this week's TEDx salon on where our food comes from (I wrote about my last TEDx experience here).

In the meanwhile, the weather's like something out of a Bollywood movie. It's glorious sunshine one minute, and then it rains long enough for you to have a song-and-dance sequence (if you're so inclined) before being sunny again. The husband has tickets to the Roger's Cup semifinals, and it strikes me as being less tennis, more gambling - if Djokovic and Tipsarevic play for 40 minutes before it rains, there are no refunds. Time will tell.

To tide me over the weekend
As you can see, this post has no real point - it's more of a guilty update because I realize I've been ignoring this space of late. What can I say? I discovered the Toronto Public Library, and I'm completely devoted to it.

They do have wifi though, so I should make it a point to take my laptop along more often and just blog from there.


  1. I love public libraries! I discovered a small corner in Adyar and with all the pubs being open till 3am and friends insisting I spend it with them there, I want to cozy up with a book there.

  2. Adyar used to have Murugan Library (I know, I know, cringe at the name), perfectly complemented by being right above an Adyar Woodlands (miiiiles better than Mylapore Woodlands, used to have fancy sizzlers and THE best fried rice I've EVER eaten)... both shut down, strangely. Ah well. There's always Gandhi Nagar Club.

    PS: What pubs are these which are open at 3am in *Madras*?