Stranger than Fiction

A couple of weeks ago, Toronto had its worst snowstorm in years. A colleague who'd been planning a home birth made it to the hospital before the storm hit, and had a beautiful safe baby.

The same day, another colleague's paralyzed father took his first steps in more than a decade.

My roomie, who's been in a relationship through more than a decade of long distance, family drama, and more, got married. On. The. Same. Day.

Nor did the awesomeness stop on that day.

A friend who's wanted to please his ill parents by getting married found the person he wants to spend his life with. A childhood friend is getting engaged to another of our school friends.

And today, just when I'd burst at the seams with happiness for someone who's expecting her first baby (I wish I was home, I totally imagined our children growing up together!), I was sent a video.

People have videos of everything under the sun today, but this one was from '93, and it was so unexpected. I didn't know it existed, even. There were people & places in it who were such a big part of my childhood and have since passed away. I got to show my husband my dad's dad, and I realized, again, how my dad's & my enunciation, sound so much like his. It was nothing short of magic.

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