New girl who just happens to be in Toronto

I don't feel like I'm new to Toronto any more. I don't bother wearing gloves unless it's below -10 C. The only time I'm rude is when I hiss, "Thank you," meaningfully at whoever who didn't bother saying so unprompted. And I wholeheartedly see the appeal of patio time now, and will be the first one barbecuing when (if) summer finally arrives.

I do feel like a new person though. Long after everyone's moved past the 'new year, whee!' phase, I'm still jumping up and down. There's something about turning 27 that makes you realize there's a time limit on the number of crazy risks you can get away with. You're old, sure, but it's also your last real chance to be young. So I quit my job a couple of weeks ago, and plan to spend this year writing and travelling. 

Put like that, it sounds so easy. Kumbaya, etc. If only. My easy-going exterior is a total facade. This decision was at least five years in the making. It took my insecure, money-loving, uptight self a great deal of effort to put down my papers and walk away from the Job. I also don't recall protesting when my manager asked me if I could stay on for an additional four months after that momentous decision (bit of an anticlimax, that).

So what happens now? Well. A lot less whining about wanting to quit but not being 'readyyy,' that's for sure. 

I'm going to use all that spare time to... write at least one full length book, and many other things besides (such as long letters to old friends!) Cook loads, eat every single meal every single day, and fatten up my husband. Attend a friend's wedding, with all the happiness that entails. Catch up with people back home, in person. Travel through Europe, hoping for more of the 'woah' moments that Spain inspired. Take a summer holiday with friends. Do lots of long weekend trips. And those are just the things I've already committed to!

This year's going to be about no excuses, no compromises, just doing whatever I think will make me happy. And then being happy. Isn't that what we all wanted to be when we grew up?

Life's good.*

*If this post gives you an unsettling sense of deja vu, it's because I liberally borrowed from my personal blog. I apologize for the cross-pollination of this, and a couple of other posts, over the next week or so.

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