Wanderlust 2014: Western Europe

It's March! My big trip's a month away. I'm going to India for a month; Italy, Austria, Munich, and Paris for the next month; and meeting people in London & Scotland for a couple of weeks after that.(The things you can do when you're unemployed! A-ma-zing).

It'll be the first time I vacation solo. I'm excited, and more than a little nervous. I've become obsessed with trip planning, which is... uncharacteristic. I am not a planner. I typically only realize I didn't note down the measurements for a recipe when I'm midway through cooking it (it rarely matters. My mum doesn't think to spell out the details sometimes, and I don't think to ask. This reliance on instinct is genetic).

Yet, regarding this vacation, I told the husband, and I quote, "There's a time and a place for spontaneity!" I really mean it too.

It started when I was cross-checking something random and came across a cool bit of trivia in a book. I've been keeping my eyes peeled for lesser known facts about the places I'm visiting and nifty time/money saving tricks ever since. At least one good thing will come out of this - I won't dump a generic mass of photos here when I come back. 

Instead, I'll put down some of those fun stories which are buried in some book somewhere. I'll also link to the relevant sections of my copious online notes, because hey - I consolidated it anyway, and some of this stuff is surprisingly hard to find.

Hopefully, the former will inspire you to travel to these places. And the latter will help if you decide to. Happy travels!

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