The Trip So Far: India

I've no idea where the last month went. Seeing four-five cities and about a hundred people in twenty days will do that to you. It's been so amazing!

I tried to think of highlights for the blog, but the truth is, nothing will capture the melty-butter I'm-HOME!-ness of India. As much fun as I had gossiping with relatives, arranging family reunions, gabbing with school friends, staying over with X/Googlers, checking out Orissa (which is beautiful!), eating the most amazing food, and attending a very pretty wedding; I'll take away the feeling of happy timelessness over any specific memory. 

I'm incredibly lucky to have people and places in my life that don't, in essence, change. It makes it very easy to know where I belong.

The Euro trip kind of snuck up on me while I was distracted by India. My brother was switching channels on the TV, and the Sound of Music came on, reminding me all of a sudden that I'm leaving tomorrow. Not the Annie brand of someday toooomorrow, but the very real, less-than-24-hours-away kind. I would freak out a little, but it seems like a pity to waste any of my time here thinking about anything else. I'll save the anxious excitement for the flight :)

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