Where we're going next

A friend messaged me recently, "Didn't you go somewhere else also after Europe?"

I did. I went somewhere else before, as well. Sadly or otherwise, I don't intend to blog about it all, mainly because I don't think there's value-add from my writing about places where I haven't put in the research time. But the question did make me look back at all the holidays A & I have taken since we got married. I estimate we went to more than 7 places a year... and that's excluding repeat visits to the same places, solo vacays, and visits to what I call the 'home' cities of Madras, Bangalore, Hyderabad & Tirupati. (How did we get any work done? It's a mystery. It's been a charmed life, that's for sure).

We're putting all the air miles we've collected over the years to good use with our next trip. They're going to be paying for us to see Vancouver, the Rockies & Newfoundland in Canada. And after that, we're going on another very special adventure - one where we don't anticipate any 'holiday time' for at least a couple of years. Unlike our usual vacation planning ("Hey, cheap fare. Want to go?"), this plan's been obsessed over, on & off, for as long as we've known each other, and even before that. *drumrolls* A's going to be starting his own company, while I continue taking the rest of this year off to write my book. 

It's a bit odd - we've lived together in Toronto for longer than we have back home! It's going to be interesting going back, especially since we'll be going to Bangalore, where neither of us has ever lived full-time. A new public transport system to figure out, new furniture to buy, new routines to settle into. But I'm thrilled to be in the same city as many members of my family & quite a few friends. It certainly tilts the scales nicely. I've no doubt it'll be well worth it... if only because there'll be no looking back and wondering 'What if?'

Call it irrational, but in between being terrified, I'm actually kind of excited! The next three years are likely going to be the polar opposite of the first three we've enjoyed, but I have no doubt they'll be just as fun in their own mad way.

PS: That picture was taken at the Toronto Harbourfront last summer. We're going to miss this gorgeous city.

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