First weekend of 2013

Sunrise... at 9am. I was out grocery shopping at 7, and at 9, the roads were still empty. I love the feeling of being awake while the whole city slumbers on... though this weekend, I think I'll enjoy slumbering right on, along with everyone else!

Met a college friend who moved here with her husband last week. We did a photography course back then, and she used to be one of my favorite models. Look how tall & gorgeous she is! (I'm wearing heels so I almost match up).

Her husband found me Priya Vadumaanga. If you haven't had this with curd rice in the summer, you don't know what you've missed out on. Completely made my weekend.

Had too much of a leaky nose to risk the pickle though. Made a huge batch of soup instead, and devoured it in between three laundry runs (the price of a long vacation - piles & piles of laundry).

Went out for dinner with a couple of people. They very generously offered to eat at a vegetarian place so I'd have more options...

... and then we went to an open mic night which had  some surprisingly good originals along with a bunch of mediocre to good classics rehashed. Though noone expected a rendition of The Phantom of the Opera. Definitely not standard karaoke fare, but so fun!

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