Tune & I were often unceremoniously kicked out of the ballpit at Pizza Corner, since we were clearly, according to the authorities anyway, too old for it. So I was delighted to drag my husband over to Travelocity Canada's ballpit at Eaton Center this weekend... adults only.

We had 30 seconds to find the gnome in the pile of 'snow,' and I managed to hold on to my title of 'Finder of Lost Things' and get to it first. Winners of each round won an #IdigtheGnome t-shirt. I magnanimously handed mine over to the husband, since I work for the company and get one anyway.

Other players (who don't work for the company that is :)) also got $150 off their next vacation. AND a sweepstakes entry with a chance to win a trip to Aruba and/or Nokia smartphone bundles. Sales patter aside, it was a lot of fun diving into clean 'snow' since the real snow's often been a slushy disappointment by the time it hits the ground.

... Most people are still amused by how pretty I find the snow anyway. I don't much care if it's brown and wet on the ground, it looks so fairy-tale like falling out of the sky! Toronto's not yet cold enough to be cold (though it's getting there), so I'm enjoying it while I still can.

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