Canadian Summer Tradition: BBQ Sundays

June 24, 2012

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, my husband and I are temporarily staying at a house we found through AirBnB. It's great, because it gives us an opportunity to experience life in a true Toronto-style townhouse for a while, before we move to a far more convenient-to-maintain condo. 

The place where we're staying has a great rooftop garden. Inspired by the rooftop + the lovely weather we've been having, we decided to make like Canadians and fire up the barbeque. My husband donned his figurative apron and did an admirable job of roasting and grilling our snacks. All the time that he had the grill on, we were providing constructive commentary, such as 'But why would people do this? An oven's so much easier!' And you know what? An oven is so much easier, but the food made on that grill tasted so good!

Maybe it was because it had been marinating longer. Maybe it was the great outdoors. Possibly the charred smokiness in each bite. There's definitely something to it.

In other news of a culinary nature, I'm celebrating the anniversary of the first time I cooked at home for my husband. Yes, I really do remember these dates. I blame it on my Economics classes in high school, I'm cursed to remember random numbers forever more! Anyway, I baked a tiny little cake and plan to spring a surprise on him. It's safe to say he doesn't remember the date. It's hard to blame him... he probably didn't concentrate on Economics in school.

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