Socializing at Windsor Arms' #OysterTuesdays

June 26, 2012

The Event
What does a vegetarian do at #OysterTuesdays? Network, of course. 

I'd heard a lot about Oyster Tuesdays via Christine Korda's lively Twitter feed ($1.25 for lovely fresh oysters in the inimitable old-school ambiance of the Windsor Hotel). And, of course, I'd heard a lot about Windsor Arms being a premier high tea destination in Toronto from all and sundry. When Christine tweeted an invite, with the disclaimer that the hotel had a fantastic vegan selection, created by Douglas McNish, author of Eat Raw, Eat Well... well. I had absolutely no reason not to head over. 

To add to the overall enthusiasm of it all, @SkinnyGirlCKTLS and @louise_philp were guaranteed to be there.

Me at the Event
For all the socializing I seem to do, I'm actually a fairly shy person on the inside. You know. Deep deep down. Somewhere. Shy me was out in full force as I crept into the already full room at Windsor Arms, but she was quickly swept to the wings in the friendly company I encountered.

There were women who'd known each other for ten years and more, there were people attending their first Oyster Tuesday, there were samples of Skinny Girl Cocktail thrown into the mix, and there was instant unwinding and long conversations about everything from travel to the future of mobile advertising.

What I loved: I found it interesting that almost every person in the room had been invited over by Christine. That's good PR for you! It also meant that the group had a certain homogeneous nature that I hadn't seen in any Meetup/event so far. It was interesting meeting people from very similar backgrounds, with very similar interests. It was like walking into conversations you were already a part of. Also, the outdoor seating at the patio was incredible, and I could easily have sat there all week!

What I didn't love: It's great that Windsor Arms has a gourmet vegetarian selection, I'd have loved to see one vegan counterpart complementing the oysters, since $1.25 is a great rate :)

Overall: I'm definitely heading back, not just for the networking at Oyster Tuesdays, but also for the kale salad which Christine says is the best she's ever had. Stay tuned to find out!

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