#TwitterParty She's Connected

June 26, 2012

The Event
Logo from the site
I've mentioned before, in my first post, that the active Blogger community in Toronto is the prime driver behind my starting this blog up. And Social Media Women (@ShesConnected) is one of my favorite groups to web-stalk because of the warmth and energy of the network they've built. I'm working on building this blog into something I can add to their impressive repertoire of networked blogs, but in the meanwhile, I settled for joining the fun ladies at a #TwitterParty, in anticipation of their upcoming She's Connected conference.

Me at the Event
Did you know that it only takes an hour of frantic tweeting for a topic to trend? Seriously, that was the fastest hour of my life, keeping track of the #sccto hashtag and trying to answer all the questions as they sped by! It was also my first Twitter party, and I intend to attend many more.

From this one, I already got the links to some great blogs which look like reading fodder for the next week. I also have a whole new bunch of followers/people to follow, and we all know there's nothing like some Twitter love to get us through the week. Where else will people hang on to gripping narratives of your opinions on everything under the sun? I love Twitter.

What I loved: The speed of it all had to be seen to be believed. There were twenty new tweets every minute! I also loved the enthusiasm with which everyone recalled last year's conference. Ford's Karaoke booth, in particular, seems to be on the top of most people's memories. And you always know an event's successful when sponsors are happy to come back the next year! (Take a bow, @chickenfarmers)

What I didn't love: Many of the questions the host posed were about last year's conference and it emphasized the sad fact that I wasn't around here last year, boo! Hopefully we'll cover more general topics and talk about what we want to see at this year's conference in the upcoming Twitter Parties. I was also so bummed that the free conference passes I'd been eyeing all week went to others, as part of a lucky draw! Oh well, there's always next month. Because, in conclusion, I will definitely be back!

Overall: Read the last line above :)


  1. Glad you enjoyed your first twitter party with us. I was doing the prizing..Twitter parties definitely go by fast and we had more then a few first timers with us

  2. Nice to virtually meet you Hollie! You're right, I noticed a whole bunch of excited first time tweets too :) Look forward to next month's.