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6 June, 2012

At the offset, I should sheepishly confess that I've owned about 8 blogs to date. Note the past tense. I am (wince) a serial blog deleter.

Sometimes it's because a blog started to lack a cohesive theme, at other times because the people I wrote with moved away. God knows with Twitter, Facebook and G+, more and more people are starting to microblog, rather than good-old-fashioned blog blog. I'm guilty of that myself. Why then start this blog?

Well. I moved to Toronto recently, and found, to my delight, that people here actively blog. Not just tweet. No, they blog! And it's wonderful when you come across a community that blogs because that inspires you to write yourself. Not post a status, but write. Express. Share.

Blogs build communities in ways that microblogs don't quite. Whether it's getting a heartfelt comment on a post that meant a lot, or writing a guest post on a blog you've always admired... there's something about this medium that makes it stand apart.

I'm starting this blog with all the enthusiasm of a new girl in Toronto. It seems fitting that this blog should be about my experiences in the city that inspired the blog. I am four days old in the city, and determined to see and experience all I can. Here we go!

PS: Big big kudos to the team at ShesConnected for inspiring this!

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