A Go Train Away: Weekend in Milton

June 15, 2012

 My dad’s cousins have lived in Toronto for a really long time. I was surprised to hear it was actually well over 9 years, which means that the last time I saw them, I must have been much younger than I thought.

I have fairly vivid memories of visiting their home in India. I remember them swapping travel stories with my dad, and I’ll always remember one of them (they’re twins, so I can be forgiven for forgetting which one!) telling me that I looked just like Meg Ryan, when You’ve Got Mail was on TV. Then again, if You’ve Got Mail was on TV, it must have been ages ago!

It really felt like no time had passed at all when we met them at their beautiful home in Milton, ON. Thank God for my family’s miraculous genes (I hope I carry them too!), no one seems to look any older, despite the passing of years! 

Their house brought back many more memories, with a reconstituted puja room containing many pieces I recognized from their house in India. There were photos of their parents which I remembered seeing in photo albums my grandfather kept in his house. All in all, it was a pleasant trip down memory lane.

They’ve a lovely front porch with well-tended to potted plants, and a back garden which transports you to a new dimension altogether. The house was altogether magical, and the area seemed to do it justice. In the evening, we got in their car and went to a nearby park, as well as a lake with a walking path around it. 

I can’t begin to describe the serenity you feel in these places – the water seems so clean, the grass greener, and there are no high rises for miles together. We even saw unfettered horses grazing in one of the farms on our way back!

And, of course, there was Indian food. Lots of it. A weekend very well spent!

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